Baby daddys

To me the term baby daddy is a man who knows hes the dad and still doesn’t do shit. Me, I have a baby daddy. I will be the first to say he sucks. I blame him for about 85% of his shittyness. The other 15% is on me. Let me explain the 15% I’m […]

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Step parents

Being a parent to a special needs child has it’s really hard days. The melt downs and extra stuff in a normal day can get to be a lot. My child is 5 now and I feel like i can handle it most days. Some days I might go in the bathroom and cry for […]

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Shopping with “my” kid

I personally can NOT just walk into Walmart if i have my child. lets say I really just need to run in and get some shampoo. I will just not wash my hair for 4 days before I go into walmart with my child. Some children with autism will have “obsessions” with certain things. Ours […]

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When you start a new  school year all kids with an IEP have a transition meeting. When we had ours the school system wanted to put my child in a “normal” classroom they saw no reason for special need classroom(even tho his IEP says “AU”).  I said no I didn’t think that would be a […]



I love my tattoos! what I dont love is when people try to guess what they mean! Random person: oh I see you have a pumpkin. you like pumpkin spice? fall is your favorite season? oh a pumpkin are you going to get a Christmas tree? oh your birthday must be on Halloween. just an […]

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I am convinced that all these moms out here with special needs kids don’t work. I mean really how do you work a 9 to 5 on top of all the appointments? It starts with getting your child to therapy. Therapy is only open 9 to 5 so that one or two days a week […]